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Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Our massages follow the Swedish Style:

Gliding strokes with soothing natural oils aim to increase blood and lymph flow and inform us of your unique needs. They calm the central nervous system and deeply relax. Kneading strokes loosen muscle tissue, intensify fluid movement, and break up congestion. Kneading gets down in there. Tapping, hacking movements, reach deeper yet even loosening respiratory congestion.

We emphasize areas (for example: just back, no scalp...) according to a client’s needs and preference and strive to use as much pressure as is safe and can be enjoyed.

If you are in pain, 30 Minute Intensives two to three times a week may best address acute and chronic muscular issues. The European model suggests 6 to 12 massages within 2-4 weeks to get lasting results.

Otherwise, an hour of massage a week is the best part of your health maintenance regimen.

We offer full body massage up to 2 hours in length. Try our four-handed massage with Katja and Liese working together to double the benefits and pleasure.

Our massage tables are heated, and we fully drape clients for warmth and modesty, only exposing the area being massaged. If, however you prefer to do without heat please let us know.

We also offer chair massage, pregnancy massage, massage lessons for couples or friends, and home visits.

Bring a mate, friend or relative and receive a massage together or in separate rooms!

Katja massages since 1978, Liese since 2006. Both hold Michigan Massage Therapist Licenses.

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